Terms of sale

Offers on our price lists are non-binding and previous lists are to be considered expired with no validity or legal force. If a wine from this list is sold out, an equivalent wine in a similar price category can be delivered as a substitute or replacement. Orders are considered, by us, as accepted, as soon as a confirmation or invoice has been issued. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Shipping takes place by trucking company or post. Orders under 60 liters and/or 36 Bocksbeutel bottles are shipped at the customer's expense and risk. Orders, starting at 36 assorted bottles, are shipped by truck; packaging is in non-returnable cartons of 6 bottles each. Smaller quantities are sent by post.

In the immediate surrounding area of Iphofen, we deliver our wines in our own vehicle. We assume the complete freight charges starting at 60 liter bottles or 36 Bocksbeutel bottles, respectively within Germany. With smaller quantities we charge 6.00 €.

Net payment ist strictly required within 30 days of billing. In the case of cash payment or payment within 10 days, a 2% discount is granted on amounts greater than 50.00 €. In the case of first orders, we reserve the right to request cash in advance or cash on delivery.

Reservation of ownership: Until full settlement of all claims arising out of a business relationship, including those fraom cheques and drafts, the delivered goods and/or products remain our property. Place of performance for delivery and payment is Iphofen. Place of jurisdiction is Kitzingen or Wurzburg Regional Court. The contribution toll to the Wine Stabilization Fund is paid by us.

Any small crystalline particle or settlement in the wine are salts of tartaric acid and do not adversely affect the taste of the wine. We recommend the storage of the wine in a cool and dry environment for at least 1-2 weeks after transportation. Business hours: Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 10am-12.30pm and by appointment/special arrangement.

Cancellation policy

Right of revocation/withdrawal You have the right to withdraw from the contract in writing (e.g. letter, fax, eMail) within a period of 14 days, without giving any reason(s). Or, if the item(s)/goods are still at your disposal within this 14 days period, by simply returning the item(s)/goods. The period begins upon receipt of this notification in writing, but not before receipt of the goods by the recipient. In case(s) of recurring delivery of goods of equal value, the period does not begin before receipt of the first partial delivery. And also not before compliance/fulfillment of our information obligations as according to article 246§2 in connection with §1 subparagraph, 1 and 2 'EGBGB' Introductory Act to the German Civil Code, as well as our obligations as according to §312g subparagraph, 1 sentence 1 'BGB' German Civil Code, in conjunction with article 246§3 'EGBGB' Introductory Act to the German Civil Code- In order to comply with the revocation period, you must dispatch the revocation in good time.

The cancellation/revocation of an order is to be sent to: Hans Wirsching KG Estate, 16 Ludwigstrasse, Germany - 97346 Iphofen Wurzburg Register Court, HRA 4225, www.wirsching.de Phone: +49 9323 87330 - Fax +49 9323 873390 - info@wirsching.de

Consequences of revocation/withdrawal In the event of an effective cancellation/withdrawal, the mutually received goods or benefits are to be returned and any goods or benefits (e.g. interest) gained are to be handed over. In the event that you can't return the goods received in whole or in part or only in a deteriorated condition, you shall be obliged to compensate us for any depreciation in value, if applicable. For the deterioration of the goods and for derived benefits, you must pay compensation only if the usage or deterioration is due to dealing with the matter, that exceeds the testing of the characteristics/properties and the funtionality of the goods. Tasting of the characteristics/properties and the functionality of the goods refers to the testing and trying out of the respective goods, as it is possible and customary in a shop. Items/goods consignable by parcel post are to be returned at our risk. You have to bear the regular cost of the return, if the delivered goods are equivalent to the ordered goods and if the price of the goods to be returned does not exceed the amount of 40.00€ or, if, in case of a higher price of the goods, at the time of the revocation/withdrawal, you have not brought forth the return service or a contractually agreed upon partial payment.

Otherwise the return is free of charge for you. Items/goods not consignable by parcel post will be picked up at your location. Obligations for reimbursement of payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The period for you begins with your sending the Declaration of Revocation or sending of the item(s)/goods; for us with the gainful receipt of either.

End of cancellation policy