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Our wine list is available: >> wine list N1-2017
Please find further information on the vintage in the >> vintage report 2016.

We are especially delighted about the award "German Winery of the year 2017", which we received from the German magazine "selection" (issue 04/2016). >> see the award here.

"Collection of the Year": Awarded by the wine guide "Wein-Plus" for the region of Franconia (tasting season 2016/17; 05/2017): Rating "outstanding": 2015 Iphöfer Kronsberg Riesling Alte Reben dry VDP.ERSTE LAGE and rating "very good": 2015 Iphöfer Julius-Echter-Berg Silvaner dry VDP.ERSTE LAGE.

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Dear wine enthusiasts,
Dry Silvaner, Scheurebe and Riesling wines have been our family's specialty for generations! The original winery of our estate is located in the village of Iphofen, Franconia's 'historic treasure box'. It is the Gypsum Keuper soil that characterizes the terroir of our Premier Vineyard Sites, of which the Julius-Echter-Berg is the most famous. There, we carefully cultivate our vines, harvest our perfect, fully ripen grapes and then lovingly guide our young wines to emerge as distinctively unique wines that will enrich your life.
Yours, The Wirsching Family